Beverly’s has been creating custom cakes and desserts long before it was the trendy thing to do.
We started as a family bakeshop. Local customers fell in love. Word got out. Fast forward two generations and our artistry and quality continue to set the trend. Our experience is admired though not easily replicated.
Over the years our business has grown to include a talented team of professional bakers, decorators and customer service ambassadors. Even still, at the heart of it all we are a family bakery dedicated to bringing you sweet memories


Meet Maria

Maria is from the Abruzzo Region of Italy in and grew up in a traditional, fun loving family. Many hours were spent in the kitchen, and there were celebrations for every occasion. After an established career in international business, Maria realized it was time to leave a job she liked and return to the life she loves.

Maria is crazy about travel, time with family, making homemade pasta, playing hostess, planning parties and eating cake! When not in the bakery you can find her with her husband and two children.